Best Newspapers in India 2013-2014

Newspaper is a wonderful medium through that one will get to understand concerning the new developments that are going everywhere the planet. Daily within the morning we have a tendency to get the newspaper from the vendors at our home and also the 1st task that we have a tendency to do once obtaining out of the bed is to travel through it so we have a tendency to return to understand concerning the newest news and happening round the globe. There are totally different sections of a newspaper such has National News, Local News, International News, Sports News, news, Editorial Section, amusement News then on. All folks ought to browse the newspaper because it spreads lots of information and could be a terrific medium to induce aware of the event occurring within the world. Newspapers make sure the tremendous quantity of information if you browse it daily with absolute dedication. We’ve created an inventory here that shows the highest 10 best newspapers in India for the year 2013. This list is ready by the Media analysis Users Council that has created the survey throughout the country. The list follows.

1. Dainik Jagran

Dainik Jagran

Dainik Jagran

The top most newspapers consistent with this list is Dainik Jagran then it’s at the amount initial place here. Amazingly the full daily audience of this Hindi daily is sixteen.370 million. Dainik Jagran was started within the year 1942 and currently it’s managed and owned by the Jagran Prakashan restricted. Dainik Jagran is one the highest most newspapers solely thanks to the very fact that it’s managed to print news that square measure helpful to the individuals and therefore the news that have an effect on the individuals in a technique or the opposite. Dainik Jagran has continuously unbroken this expression in mind that it’s coming up with the sensation of responsibility among national and with its glorious editorials likewise because the guest columns it’s managed to try to thus.

2. Dainik Bhaskar

Dainik Bhaskar

Dainik Bhaskar

The newspaper that we’ve got at the amount second place during this list is Dainik Bhaskar. This can be a daily Hindi newspaper whose daily audience count is fourteen.416 million. This can be one such newspaper that has its readers from each a part of Bharat. Presently it’s been revealed from the 9 cities. It’s owned by the D B Corporation Ltd and it absolutely was started within the year 1956. Over the years, individuals have likeable it contained most that it’s currently being browsed in virtually each a part of the country.

3. Hindustan



The daily Hindi newspaper named because the Hindustan is at the number third place here in this list. For quite seventy five years currently we have got this newspaper so it has a very large audience count. Daily it has been calculated that 12.246 million individuals read this newspaper. The owner of this Hindi daily is that the HT Media Ltd. In the north-eastern states, it is one in all the biggest commercialism newspapers. Hindustan newspaper encompasses a very well-defined format and has the news from the native sources of the international sources so individuals prefer it. It is printed from various cities and everyone have native news except the national and alternative news.

4. South Dravidian Manorama

South Dravidian Manorama

South Dravidian Manorama

Malayala Manorama is that the second newspaper in our list which is printed in the South Dravidian language. This newspaper has the daily audience count of nine.760 million. The Malayala Manorama newspaper owner is that the South Dravidian Manorama group. Because of very large population which speaks the South Dravidian language this newspaper has such a high audience count. In the recent years, the newspaper has progressed lots so currently it is circulated in some of the Indian similarly because the foreign cities. It is printed and distributed in 10 cities of Kerala, Mangalore, New Delhi, Bangalore, Chennai, Dubai, Bahrain and Mumbai. The type of stories that is printed in this newspaper is well consistent with the taste of the South Dravidian individuals so they like it the foremost.

5. Amar Ujala

Amar Ujala

Amar Ujala

Published from various cities all over the country in the Hindi language, the newspaper named as Amar Ujala is at the number fifth place here. It has 8.434 million daily readers. Amar Ujala has been one in all those newspapers which have forever been in the front row for supporting the truth so they have their expression of “Josh Sach Ka”. The fact that the bulk of the individuals of this country loves the Hindi language is among the explanations why this newspaper has so much of an audience. Amar Ujala Hindi newspaper is owned by the Amar Ujala Publication Ltd which was started in the year 1948. Except business the news, this newspaper has additionally columns which square measure related to the social issues and articles promoting social rousing.

6. The days of India

The Times cluster in hand English daily newspaper named as the days of India is at the amount sixth place during this list. The days of India are one amongst the foremost trustworthy newspapers within the country. It’s managed to grab this name because it has been printed for over one hundred years currently with the glorious quality of labor. Mister Jaideep Satyendra N. Bose is that the chief editor of this English newspaper. In each town this newspaper has its supplement like the Old Delhi Times, Jaipur Times that is distributed together with the newspaper. The well-defined format and therefore the classic language use have created this newspaper a most reliable medium to induce to understand regarding news from totally different fields. The daily readers of this newspaper square measure seven.615 million.

7. Daily Thanthi

The next newspaper that we’ve is Daily Thanthi and it’s printed within the Tamil language. If truth be told Daily Thanthi is that the largest mercantilism newspaper within the southern a part of India because the majority of the population living there square measure cognizant of the Tamil language and for them this can be the most effective thanks to get to understand regarding the events happening over the world. Its daily audience is regarding seven, The 334 million. The owner of this newspaper is that the Thanthi Trust that was established within the year 1942. Within the most up-to-date developments this newspaper has started its metropolis Edition for the Tamil folks that reside during this explicit town. The actual fact that these native newspapers have such a large amount of browsers is as a result after printed within the native languages and for the individuals it’s the most effective thanks to read and perceive.

8. Lokmat

The Lokmat daily newspaper is at the amount eighth place during this list. This newspaper is printed within the Sanskrit language and is one amongst the most important mercantilism newspapers within the cities of province further as geographic area. Over the years its audience has augmented to seven. 313 billion. The owner of this daily Sanskrit newspaper is that the Lokmat Media restricted and that they have their head workplace in the metropolis, geographic area. Lokmat has different totally different completely different} editorial sections of the individual happiness to different cities and this has been one amongst the explanations why it’s attracted lots of readers towards it. For the Sanskrit speaking individuals this newspaper is that the best medium to induce connected to their natural language and acquires to understand regarding the most recent developments.

9. Mathrubhumi



At the amount tenth place we’ve the newspaper named as Mathrubhumi. This newspaper is printed within the Malayalam language and is distributed within the 10 cities of Kerala, New Delhi, Chennai, urban center and metropolis. There square measure half dozen. 334 million daily readers of this explicit newspaper. The corporation that owns this newspaper is that the Mathrubhumi printing and firm Ltd and it absolutely was supported within the year 1923. Over the years this newspaper has such a lot related to the individuals of Kerala that this can be the most effective medium they need to induce the information regarding the happenings everywhere the globe. The editor of this daily newspaper is mister P V Chandran. Every passing quarter this newspaper is adding such a large amount of individuals as its daily readers.

10. Rajasthan Patrika

The next newspaper that we’ve here during this list is Rajasthan Patrika and it’s printed within the Hindi language. The entire daily readers of Rajasthan Patrika square measure half dozen. In 837 million. Started within the year 1956, this newspaper has progressed lots in terms of its readers. In today’s time, Rajasthan Patrika isn’t solely confined to the boundaries of the Rajasthan and then it’s printed from major cities throughout the country. The owner of this daily Hindi newspaper may be a Rajasthan Patrika Pvt Ltd, that has its head workplace in Jaipur. Rajasthan Patrika’s major readers square measure of the state of Rajasthan. During this state this newspaper is that the best medium to unfold news and different info because they contemplate this newspaper as the most trustworthy one.


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