The owls tend to be a numerous flock of which participate in that attain Strigiformes, constituting 190 extant coke associated with fodder variety. They are lone along with nocturnal, along with numerous conditions (this Upper Hawk Owl). Owls search usually small mammals, bothersome insects, along with the flock, while several varieties concentrate on hunting sea food. They might be within just about all regions of the environment other than Antarctica, a lot of Greenland, and a lot of remote Hawaiian islands. The owls tend to be known as their unique small beaks along with extensive encounters, and so are portioned straight into a pair of homeowners: the standard owls, Strigidae; plus the barn-owls, Tytonidae.

Owls are generally intriguing wild birds. There are with regards to 200 various types involving owls plus they are located all over the world besides Antarctica. Your elf owl may be the smallest at only 5. 3 inches high, the best are the Eurasian Bald Eagle Owl and also Blakiston’s Sea food Owl each in excess of twenty-eight inches long which has a wingspan taller when compared with most adult males!


This Picture is an eastern screech owl in Bangladesh.

Not all owls are nocturnal (active at night). For example the burrowing owl is active mostly during the day, and some owls are active during dusk and dawn. Barn owls form a separate classification from the rest of the owls.

Contrary to what most people think, an owl cannot turn its head completely backwards, but only to 135 degrees. Owls are far-sighted. They cannot see anything only a few inches away, and once they catch prey they eat it by feel rather than sight. Their eyes are fixed in the sockets so to look in a different direction they need to turn their entire head.

Types of owls which are now extinct were alive during the time of the dinosaurs, and could not fly. Some heron-like fossil birds were probably owls. Some evidence suggests that owls are more closely related to night jars than in other birds of prey, although this is not definite.

Different cultures use owls to represent different characteristics. In Finland, the owl is used to represent both wisdom and stupidity! Owls are eaten in some parts of the world although Darwin is reported to have said that “brown owl” tasted extremely unpleasant. In Wales (UK) the owl is considered cursed.

In Asia different owl species are associated with different characteristics .For example the white owl is associated with wealth but the screech owl with evil demons.

In Aztec cultures, owls were taboo due to their association with evil. The association of the owl with wisdom developed from Greek mythology, where the little owl was associated with Athena, Goddess of birds. Owls are stunningly beautiful birds to photograph.


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