Happy Anniversary!!!



Happy Anniversary!!!

Today we are complete 1 year. We are achieve a lot of   love for you…

Now we are get 200 people plus visitors per day.

Now our Alexa Rank is 3,50,550

We are also achieve a PR.

I want provide  a good service for everybody…


I love freelacing work

Akram Hossain

Akram Hossain Shimul

I am a professional SEO expert and Best Article writer. This is my favorite jobs. I have helped many of my clients and friends resolving their issues on many different occasions. You will get exactly what you want. I know also W. Design (only WP) and Fastest like/follow collector.

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Akram Hossain Shimul

it is my birthday pic

it is my birthday pic

As-salamu alaykum!

Good day! Yours trully Akram Hossain Shimul form Bangladesh. First of all I wanted to say to you i am sick and quite weak in English. Since my organization is Bangladeshi. Right away i share with you me personally. Akram Hossain shimul is my perfect classification not to mention Shimul is my nick name.


Our high school senior life was Savar. And so my study is Civil Technology  (3rd year) in Dhaka Polytechnic Institute. I am not an imperfect individual. As a consequence, i want do anything whatsoever nevertheless my opportunity,my household,my situation is not for my appearance.But my think state me definitely, i am going to be a discover particular person by the working hard in my country.whenever, my study is Civil but it is not my picks out site. I enjoy Information Technology site. Now my organization is make an effort Search engine optimization together with Website Design. However, This is additional problems. I possess no lecturer for gaining knowledge of. I would like to have self-depended.


I are living at Savar, Dhaka in Bangladesh. My family has got five members. My father-mother,two elder sister and also me.Yes, i am Muslim. I really like Islam. Each and every time, My mother track record is Shamsul Islam.He is Auto-mobile Engineer.My mommy is Shilpy Begum.She is house-wife. She is in addition a customize not to mention my two elder sister is student.

Connection Ship:

Yes, I will be Single.


My organization is rather simple youngster. i will be especially feeling. now I am continuously have faith in anybody successfully in from time to time.

However they usually render Bamboo in doing my heart. Don’t such as use cigarettes,Drinks and so on. I hate physical relationship.

About writing Functioning…

Akram Hossain Shimul

  • I am A.H. Shimul.
  • I am Eighteen years old.
  • My study is Civil Engineering in Dhaka Polytechnic Institute.
  • I live at Savar in Dhaka.Akram Hossain
  • Now i am learning freelancing.
  • I hope that I will be a successful person by the Hard Work.
  • I will develop our country by IT learn and Freelancing.
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